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Bangalore city is a bundle with different industries. Yet there are many companies piling up here to develop their centres in the promising city. Everyone looks up to this city for its promising growth and rapid development. The city’s infrastructure and connectivity play a vital role in the development of Bangalore city.

Going a little backwards, precisely a 20 to 30 years back. The city was just pleasing with good roads, water, and natural facilities. This makes the city attractive and thus the IT giants started proceeding to set their offices here. Bangalore is not only appealing for its IT presence and job offers. The city is prominent in many different ways like

  • Best educational system
  • Hospitality
  • Excellent weather
  • Leading Real estate sector
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial developments
  • Ample job and business opportunities

How is real estate in Bangalore City?

Bangalore city is been well done in the real estate sector for years and decades. This is due to its continuous developments by all the industrial growth and improvements done by the State government.

Thus the real estate in this city is steady and robust. In spite of the pandemic situation in the nation. The city is well-doing with its real estate market. And from the year 2021 beginning, the sales number are indeed increasing. The investors and homebuyers are willingly investing in the outskirts of this city as these are equally promising. One such real estate property and project is Prestige Marigold, Bettenahalli. The city prefers North Bangalore projects for their redefined lifestyle projects, affordability, luxurious amenities and great location. The infrastructure and connectivity of this area is splendid.

Where is Bettenahalli in Bangalore?

Bettenahalli is a suburb in the North Bangalore region. This is the most scenic and beautiful place in the city. We all look or hunt for the best places in the city to settle down. This is such a prominent residential location to settle down. The enormous growth of this region is due to the close proximity to the Kempegowda International Airport. The closeness of the Airport to this area makes the property appealing to buyers and investors. This is the most promising factor for industrial and residential growth in Bettenahalli.

Why Bettenahalli?

Bettenahalli is a natural place with good residential and industrial growth. There are many Residental projects established and coming up in this locality. This is for its best closeness to the airport, best infrastructural facilities and connectivity.

Educational Institutions:

  • Acharya Sri Rakum School
  • Little Angel School
  • G LPS Chikka Marali School

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