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Bettenahalli Connectivity


We know Bangalore to be one of the hottest real estate hubs in the country for various reasons. The garden city is improving its connectivity day by day. There are many exclusive connecting roads developed just for the ease of commuters. This is one of the reasons people invest in the outskirts of the city. Since there is improved connectivity across the city. The travel becomes seamless.

Bettenahalli is a small village in the Devanahalli taluk in the Bangalore Rural district of Karnataka state. The location comes under the Bettenahalli panchayat and Bangalore divisions.


The nearest town to the locality is Devenahalli. The distance between the locality and the Devanahalli town is 16kms. Bettenahalli is connected with rail, bus services currently. The proposed metro lines will be launched soon.

There are buses like 285K, 258P from the Kempegowda bus station to Bettenahalli. The frequency of buses is pretty good. The nearest railway station to the locality is Rajankunte Railway station and Bettahalsoor Railway station.

The proposed metro lines will further simplify Bettenahalli’s connectivity.

Prestige Marigold

When we discuss Bettenahalli, we cannot avoid this plotted development property by Prestige Group. These have become the remarkable landmarks of the locality. Prestige Marigold is a large development area with elegant plots. The property is located across a long stretch of forest area. The Prestige Marigold offers freehold plots that are accessible to good schools, health care centres, hospitals, movie screens and other essentials.

Prestige Marigold Bettenahalli

The property has been developed and crafted with good care for the residents with facilities like a grocery store, convenience store, strong security system with loaded luxury.

If you are a person looking for nature indulge in living? This is a perfect choice. The Prestige Marigold provides a classy and redefined living environment to you with its all richness.

This beautiful layout has many trending decks like

Yoga Garden: This infuses us with nature while doing the most healthy yoga activity. This gives peace and happiness to both body and soul.

Reflexology Parks: This is a great massage to our toes and muscles. This would be a great experience loaded with goodness and fun.

Billiards Table: There is a billiards room on the premises to engage ourselves productively.

Clubhouse: There is a massive clubhouse in the Prestige Marigold that houses many different indoor activities for all age groups.

Senior Citizen Court: There is a native senior citizen court where the respected elders of our family could have a good deserving time with their age folks.

Swimming Pools: There are large swimming pools present in The Prestige Marigold.

Poolside Grill Party Grass: These exclusive fancy features add more aesthetics to the property. We could plan our big days/parties in this lovely spot.

Amphitheatre: This is a min theatre feature that will be in circular or oval structure compatible with seating arrangements. This gives a new experience and thrills us with extraordinary architecture.

There are many other facilities on the premises that keep us engaged and joyful.

The plot sizes are very catchy and preferable. These are indeed the ideal size of any dream home.

There are many favorable dimensional units available in the Prestige Marigold. They are

  • 50*40 sq ft, outlines to 2000 sq ft
  • 45*35 sq ft, outlines to 1575 sq ft
  • 60*60 sq ft, outlines to 3600 sq ft
  • 35*55 sq ft, outlines to 1925 sq ft
  • 45*30 sq ft, outlines to 1350 sq ft

These are perfect measurements for a residential block or bungalow or independent homes. The Prestige Marigold plots are arranged spaciously providing good fresh air and abundant natural light.

Prestige Marigold Bettenahalli

Prestige Marigold is a profitable property with affordable pricing, pleasant neighbourhood, rich facilities and amenities. Especially North Bangalore is booming in the real estate market rapidly for its proposed development in the area.

On the other side, the ideal plot sizes are 50*40sqft, 45*35sqft, 60*60sqft, 35*55sqft, 45*30sqft. These give a good structure for our dream homes with these ideal sizes.

Disclaimer: Any content mentioned in this website is for information purpose only and Prices are subject to change without notice. This website is just for the purpose of information only and not to be considered as an official website.

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