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Prestige Marigold is a real estate plotted development developed by Prestige Group. The Prestige Marigold brochure will have particulars about the master plan, location, approval and amenity details. To know more details about the projects Download the PDF brochure.

How does a small brochure carry the required information?

The Prestige Marigold brochure offers a detailed explanation of the project and attractive images of the plotted development, landscaped gardens, party area and gymnasium. This brochure would give you a description of the location. The Prestige Marigold is a luxury gated community plotted development. The property is placed in a lively atmosphere with mega amenities. Bettenahalli has a good educational system, healthcare system, reputed banks, super markets and other entertainment arenas in the vicinity. Bettenahalli is located in the northern part of Bangalore. And do not have to mention the strength and power of this region with overflowing developments in this area. North Bangalore has a surging demand for various reasons like


  • IT Parks
  • Entertaining zones
  • Well developed infrastructure
  • Connectivity

The brochure would have all the required information about the project. Thus provides a great extent of clarity.

What information could we expect from the brochure?

The information provided in the brochure is mentioned below

Prestige Marigold Bettenahalli

  • Property Location: This segment gives sufficient details about the property location. This gives a detailed explanation of the Bettenahalli area and its neighbourhood. What’s the infrastructure benefits of this property and other details are well explained in this section.
  • Area/Development size: This section mentions the total development size of the project.
  • About the Builder: Before buying any property it’s our core responsibility to figure out the credentials of the builder. This component provides how good the builder’s profile is and their history of completed projects. The builder’s profile, their unique selling propositions like trusted name, quality, their expertise.
  • Layout Plan: This is the section that shows the placements of the plots and their facing. Different types of plot sizes are available on the premises. The sizes and the numbering of the plot units. This shows the space between the plots, the plots that are corner based or facing any recreational amenities.
  • Master Plan: These are set of initiatives designed as per real estate standards. This gives a look at the project after completion while the project is still in the initial stages. This plan would comprise the residential plots alongside the facilities and amenities in the premises.
  • Plots: Type of plots and size of plots are mentioned in this module. Ideal sizes like 30*40, 30*50, 40*50 & 60*80 Sq Ft
  • Specifications: This column contains all the fitting details, materials used for the quality of the project.
  • Amenities: This section will provide the list of facilities and amenities provided in the premises with supporting clear images. This would help in understanding the project better.
  • Contact Information: The point of contact details for booking the plots are for any other clarification are mentioned in the brochure precisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Prestige Marigold expected to be delivered?

The Prestige Marigold is an upcoming project. After the launch of Prestige Marigold, these details would be declared.

2. How could we avail of the softcopy of Prestige Marigold Brochure?

Click on the download Brochure or View online to avail the softcopy of the Prestige Marigold Brochure.

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