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Locality Trends in Bettenahalli Bangalore


Bangalore is a package of many large scale industries, IT sectors, Educational industries, government offices, hospitals and other essential sectors. The beauty of the city is its excellence in all the sectors right from hospitality, education, real estate, IT and health care. This is one of the prime reasons for the rapid growth in population. The people from different cities and states settle down here for various other reasons. The city gives a warm hand to many aspiring students and professionals. Thus the city is congested with a large population. The honourable Karnataka government also have taken several developments across the city and expanded the radius of the city. We all know for many IT and large industries, Bangalore is the favourite spot for their businesses. Thus the companies have established their businesses in the outskirts

Bettenahalli Connectivity

Bettenahalli is a small village present in the Devanahalli district in Bangalore limits. The area is so pleased with the natural environment like dense trees with a forest effect, natural lakes and lively villages and many more. The region has many good schools, institutes, healthcare systems, supermarkets, major banks in the vicinity. North Bangalore is becoming the hot spot of many industries and developments. Buying a property in these suburbs would be the best decision. We all must be knowing the developments of this locality. The area is being packed with many revenue-creating industries that in turn lead to many job opportunities. So we could expect more expansion of this region.

There are numerous industries and companies in the locality that is improving the land value of the properties rapidly. Over to that is the close proximity to the Bangalore International Airport. This is the best advantage in investing in these regions.

Bettenahlli is very lively with a good ambience, fresh air, less pollution, freshly available vegetables and fruits from the local vendors or farmers directly. Those who are looking for a place free from the buzzing city atmosphere. This is the ideal place in the city free from any pollution.

Prestige Marigold

Prestige Marigold is a residential property arranged in a pleasant location with lavish trees on the driveway to the property. The property is located in Bettenahalli, North Bangalore.

Prestige Marigold Bettenahalli

This is a pre-launch project with a good lot of facilities and amenities on the premises.

How do you feel if you get world-class amenities while buying a plot? Isn’t it double the joy. Buying land in Bangalore city and getting ample amenities for a great lifestyle.

Yes, the Prestige Marigold has many charming features in the plotted development. That not only gives space to your dream home. But also gives a great space to our leisure backstretch life.

The infrastructure of the Prestige Marigold is way beyond a plotted development. Prestige Group has developed frameworks that are required for a residential apartment segment. The plot sizes are more favourable in this Prestige Marigold as these are well planned and executed for the construction of dream homes. The sizes are

  • 30*40 sq ft
  • 40*60 sq ft
  • 30*50 sq ft
  • 40*80 sq ft

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