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Prestige Project near Bettenahalli


Bangalore is one of the leading real estate hubs in the country for various valid reasons. Bettenahalli is a pleasant and peaceful place located in the northern part of Bangalore. It’s a developing area with dense trees, natural lakes, good schools, hospitals, banks, shopping malls in the vicinity.

Prestige Group are renowned brands with great quality and trusted names. The company is the leading property developer in the country for good 35+ years. They execute their projects in many cities and many different portfolios like

Investment in Bettenahalli

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Leisure
  • Hospitality
  • Retail

The northern part of Bangalore is well developed and connected with many parts of the city. The locality has all the required services in the surroundings. The connectivity of the area is well streamed with BMTC, Volvo, cab, Metro and other services. The area is much a residential one with many reputed projects in the surroundings. The IT hubs and other industrial areas are easily accessible from Bettenahalli for its closer proximity to the IT corridor.

The happening Prestige project in Bettenahalli is Prestige Marigold.

This is a plotted development property planned with 500+ plots in the property. Prestige Marigold is an 80-acre land parcel property with all posh facilities and amenities. This superior project has been well framed with ample facilities that would give us great comfort, safety, delight and fulfilment throughout our living with the property.

Prestige Group main idea is to provide quality property at affordable rates. Prestige Marigold is another such property with a well and finely defined framework. The plots in the property are superior for their spacing, locality, atmosphere and perfect sizing. All the plots in Prestige groups come with sufficient spacing for good air circulation, privacy, and natural lighting. The outer and inner atmosphere of the Prestige Marigold is splendid with a lot of greens around. The sizing of the elegant plots is ideally designed by the leading experts.

The sizes are

  • 50*40 sq ft that leads to 1360 sq ft
  • 45*35 sq ft that leads to 1230 sq ft
  • 60*60 sq ft that leads to 1700 sq ft
  • 35*55 sq ft that leads to 1580 sq ft
  • 45*30 sq ft that leads to 1070 sq ft
  • 30*40 sq ft that leads to 1200 sq ft

The property is filled with many thrilling elements like

Prestige Marigold

Gardens in multiple places to keep us fresh and indulge in the beauty of nature.

An air quality measurement device to check how clean the air is with all greenery and trees around

A unique weather station to tell you how the weather will be for the day

A smart electric grid to maintain and safeguard our appliances from the power fluctuation

There is an in-house solid management system to clear the waste appropriately.

The cooking gas station is provisioned

Prestige Marigold Amenities

How exciting and appealing these plots are?

What else do we look in from a plot? The above pointers are only overwhelming in Prestige Marigold. However, the developer has provided many more amenities that gives a perfect dream home space to us.

The amenities in the Prestige Marigold are top-notch that provides a good lifestyle, good returns, safe and comfortable property.

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